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these items are sold and no longer avAilAble.
this information is provided as an example of the kind of items that we stock and are always looking for!
  Iron Cross 1st Class, 1914, finely detailed obverse,  screw-back, unmarked with silver plated radiating pattern screw disk, cross shows wear to ribbed frame and high points of disk, (Item#GR006/05)  
   Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914: on original black and white striped ribbon with 1939 Widerholungsspange repeat award clasp, (Item#GR022/05)  
   SA Dagger with Scabbard and Hanger: dagger with nicely fitted grip, nickel plated cross and top guards with tightly fitted enamel “SA” disk and aluminum eagle; blade marked “RZM M 7/68 1941”  with cross grain polish showing usual wear, chocolate brown lacquered scabbard with some light scratching and wear; unmarked leather hanger with standard nickel plated buckle fittings. Overall a nice example, $550  
   Medal Bar: 3 place with Iron Cross 2d Class, 1914, 1914-1918 Honor Cross with Swords for Combatant, and Hungarian War Medal. (Item#GR019/08)  
   Army Officer’s Sword: an unmarked, lion head model, with black celluloid and triple brass wire wrapped grip, lion head with inset red glass eyes, 33” nickel plated blade showing some wear, black lacquered scabbard showing age crackling and wear. (ITEM #GR026/3-4/40)  
   Luftwaffe Dagger: A second model dagger, handle with patinated silver pommel and cross guard, orange-yellow celluloid and single aluminum twisted wire wrapped grip, “Robt. Klaas Solingen” and logo marked nickel plated blade, and patinated silver pebbled scabbard. Overall very good with usual wear and spotting to blade and scabbard, complete with knot. (Item#GR042/1-2)  
   Soldbuch: a very late April 16, 1945 issued document to Johann Nowak, minimal entries include a list of bare essential issued uniform items. (Itme#G345)  
   Wehrpass: an August 1942 issued document to Herbert Benz, Fla. Komp 709, entries for RAD service, weapons and other training, Wound Badge in black issued by Pz. Jg. Abt 709, includes 4 postcard size private photos, and a small RAD document. (Item#G314)  
   Wehrpass: a Normandy related, August 1942 issued document for Rudolf Brux,  Pz. Jg./Grenadier Regt. 851, entries for RAD service, various weapons and other training, service on the French and Atlantic coasts, KIA at Brest, Aug. 26, 1944 (Item#G233)  
 Photo Album: an RAD man's album, 12 ¾  x 9”, with RAD emblem and “Meine Zeit beim Arbeitsdienst” (My service time with the labor service) embossed in brown on the tan cloth cover. Over 120 photos show typical RAD activities, some military scenes, sightseeing, and the owner's rural family life (Item#164/2-3)  
    Cigarette Card Book: Die Wehrmacht, 10 x 13” format with complete set of glued in cigarette card illustrations showing the new German armed forces as well as full page plates of uniforms and insignia. Published in 1936 this book intended to introduce the German people to the newly created “Wehrmacht” and the new look of the reborn German military machine. Cigarette card books with their array of subjects from flora and fauna to current events were an integral part of family leisure life . They served an educational purpose as well. They also provided another means to disseminate political propaganda and inspire nationalism. This edition shows general wear and age with scuffing to spine edges. (Item#G124/1-2)  
   Heer EM Overcoat: a wartime issue, standard field gray wool, double-breasted overcoat with ink stamped RB#, size markings, and  “M 42” depot stamp. Has loops for shoulder straps. Complete set of pebbled metal buttons, about size 36. (Item#989/6-7)  
   Hinomaru National Flag: a silk, 28x39” flag covered in patriotic and military slogans as well as numerous signatures. Shows heavy wear with a couple of minor holes but a striking battlefield relic of the Japanese soldier (Item #JP013/05)  
   Gasmask: a complete canvas Japanese civil gasmask with adjustable cloth covered elastic straps and screw-on filter with “Showa 15” dated instructional label. Mask somewhat stiff from age otherwise is very good condition. (Item #JP0109/2-3)  
   Arisaka Bayonet with Frog; a nice example Model 30 rifle bayonet with wooden grips, hooked quillion cross guard, “Jinsen (Korea)” arsenal, star logo marked blade, pommel number 69510, blued steel scabbard, and leather frog. Overall a very nice example (Item #JP008/2-3)  
   Army Winter Uniform: a complete Japanese soldier’s winter uniform consisting of a fur lined wool winter cap with earflaps and cloth tie chin cord, with applied cloth Imperial Army yellow star insignia, ink stamp issue mark dated “Showa 18” and size “medium in Kanji; 4-pocket service tunic with hand applied enlisted collar tabs, ink stamped issue mark dated “Showa 18” and size “large” in Kanji; partially sheep and rabbit fur lined and quilted heavy winter ¾ jacket with large wooden button, hand applied matching enlisted rank tabs on upper (detachable) sleeves, ink issue stamp dated “Showa 17” and size “small”  in Kanji; winter weight pants complete with flat cloth waist tie, with ink issue stamp dated “Showa 17” and size “large” in Kanji; brown painted mess kit with special cloth padded insulated winter cover with cloth shoulder strap; brown painted canteen with special cloth padded insulated winter cover and cloth shoulder strap; fur lined canvas and leather boots with laces, “Showa 19” stamped on leather soles; fur trimmed wool-felt buckle-on leggings with unclear issue stamps; thick cloth lined mittens with index finger on each and cloth string neck string; and brass dog tag on original cloth neck cord. (Item #JP010/24-25)  
   WWI 28th Division Helmet: a complete Doughboy style helmet with oilcloth liner, leather adjustable brown leather chinstrap, stamped on interior skirt “ZC65” with red painted keystone 28th Division insignia on the left side.  Nice overall condition with most of rough exterior finish.  (Item #US006/3-4)  
   US Flag Invasion Armband: a 4x17” oilcloth armband wih printed 48 star US flag with perforated size adjustment hole as issued for the Normandy Invasion. Toned ivory from age showing some fading and crease from storage. (Item#US003/04)  
   US ARMY PARATROOPER HELMET & LINER NAMED : This is a nice rear seam (Aug 1944) swivel bail M1-C paratrooper helmet & liner.  Nice Westing house marked liner with larger cast buckle on the A straps.  Come with 4 hole cloth web chin cup. Helmet named on inside to a trooper in “C” company of the 504th PIR . Has post WWII RA serial number. But overall a nice late war paratrooper helmet & liner with the added bonus of being named with possible research potential! (item#ushel/4-5)  
   USMC Machete: a massive WWI-WWII combat machete with maple riveted grip, “Disston U.S.A. U.S.M.C.” marked 11” blade, 16 1/2” overall in its canvas web, brown leather fitted scabbard with blackened brass throat and belt suspension loop. Overall showing wear and age. (Item#US017/3-4)  
   NAZI PARTY FLAG CAPTURED BY US SOLDIER FROM 69TH DIVISION IDENTIFIED TO HIM: Nice typical bright Nazi party flag 2 sided, with the addition of the capturing soldiers information written on it!  a very nice piece with some research possibilities!  (Item#G879/-1)  
   US Army Air Forces 1st Air Postal Squadron Ashtray: Great patch graphics. Approximately 7 9/16 inches square. I see no chips. (Item #USash/1-2)  
   Wehrpass: an August 1938 issued document to Johannes Eifert, 12. (MG) Kp. Infantry Regiment 343, extensive combat service from Dec '39 in Luxembourg, France. Yugoslavia, Russia. KIA at Moscow, Jan. 18, 1942. Includes small 1939  card document with photo for  the SA-Sports Badge in Bronze issued by SA Standarte 254 in Stockhausen, Hessia. (Item#G231)  
   Document Group: 7 assorted documents to individuals including 3 household identity cards to Edith Mueller; a 1937, Nazi era Trade Chamber membership card and Apprentice Card to Willi Mueller and a related DAF contract booklet; and a 1921 Personal Identity Card to Hildegard  Rudolphie (Item#G322)  
   6.  US WW1 named M17 Helmet with Double Painted Insignia: This is a really great, complete example of a double unit marked helmet. This helmet has painted red, white, and blue insignia for the 3rd Army on one side as well as a 7th Corps insignia on the other. Chin strap has the name Roy Caspari cut into it in block script. Remnants of paper label in the liner top rivet assembly. Shell stamped “7066” on inside rim. Overall showing its age but original finish is over 90% intact, liner oilcloth is reasonably supple but has a chewed 1 x 1 3/4” hole and one side is separated from the rivet on the leather band. (Item#A2010-3-4-J)  
   DeutscherVolkssturm Wehrmacht Armband: a typical printed cotton armband for the last ditch Volksturm forces. Appears issued and lightly worn. (Item#G2011-02-J)  
   Nazi Police 25 Year Long Service Cross: A nice, unissued , gold finished cross on its original length of blue ribbon with a yellow embroidered Police eagle. Showing some age toning. Overall excellent. (Item#G2018/.03/S)  
   GERMAN NAVY DARK BLUE STEEL “GOTT MIT UNS” BELT BUCKLE : This a is a very nice original WW2 German Navy Dark blue painted steel buckle. Looks to be Unissued. One of two that we just acquired from the estate of a US Army 91st division veteran who probably acquired it in Italy. (Item#01-220/.05)  
   NSDAP Podium Banner:  Deluxe example, 38x46” with 5” yellow fringe, with a large 3” wide gold center swastika highlighted with a double row of yellow cloth trim (similar to Soutache material), with 1.5” patterned yellow cloth outside border. Sleeve at top for hanging. Condition shows staining and holes but overall an impressive piece worthy of display. (Item #GR001/1-2)  
   Nazi Flag:  70 x 48 1/2”cotton flag with a 27 1/2” center circle and applied swastika. This flag has a cord sewn into the hoist for hanging but cut down to the flag's edges. Showing a fair amount of age darkening and wear with a torn area at one edge. (Item#G2039-1-2-J)  
   Army Afrika Korps Pith Helmet: a complete example with metal national colors and army eagle shields, stamped “56-1941” and hand inked “Karl Vucetich” on inside of leather sweatband, maker embossed “JHS” on the sweatband outside. Helmet interior also has a small square paper size tag “56.”  Complete with leather chinstrap. Condition shows moderate age and wear. There is a small hand inked square on the rear visor. (Item#GR010/2-3)  
   111. Nazi Folding Uniform Identification Brochure “Das Braunhemd” : an early 1930's folding brochure with line drawings of political uniforms, rank insignia, flags and organizational charts including SA, NSKK, SS, NSDAP, Hitler Youth (HJ and DJ). 4 ¼ x 7 3/4” size when folded. .Opens to 26 ½ x 23 3/4”. Showing a fair amount of use and age with separations along folds. (Item #G2040-04-J)  
  Spanish American War US Cavalry Enlisted Shoulder Straps: a bundled group of 20 pairs of US Army Cavalry yellow cloth shoulder straps with hook and eye type attaching hooks on each. Tied with cloth strips. These show storage wear and dirt. (Item#A2003-09-S)  
    SCHUMA Collar Tabs: a rare pair of staff officer rank Bataillonsführer, red cloth with silver Litzen and two pips  SCHUMA units were raised in Latvia, Ukraine and provided an auxiliary police force. They are infamous for their role in the Holocaust. Worn in very good condition.  (Item#P1)  
   GERMAN ARMY DAK DEUTSCHE AFRIKIA KORPS UNIFORM TROPICAL BREAST EAGLE #1 : This a is a very nice original WW2 DAK breast eagle. Unissued. One of two that we just acquired from the estate of a US Army 91st division veteran who probably acquired it in Italy. (Item#01-201)  
    GERMAN ARMY DAK DEUTSCHE AFRIKIA KORPS UNIFORM TROPICAL BREAST EAGLE #2 :  This a is a very nice original WW2 DAK breast eagle. Unissued. One of two that we just acquired from the estate of a US Army 91st division veteran who probably acquired it in Italy. (Item#01-210)  
   GERMAN LUFTWAFFE PARATROOPER FALLSCHIRMJAGER BREAST EAGLE SWEN TO PIECE OF RARE FISRT PATTERN JUMP SMOCK : This a is a very nice and very RARE original WW2 LW FJ jump smock eagle with mottled green backing STILL SEWN ON to a large piece of the first patter n smock that it came from! Rare bird indeed! Part of a great group of insignia that we just acquired from the estate of a US Army 91st division veteran who probably acquired it in Italy. (Item#01-207)  
   1939 Iron Cross 1st Class in Case with Box: a classic Iron Cross 1st class, unmarked with nice black core finish with center relief swastika and 1939 date, heavily tarnished frame and back with coke bottle shape flat pin. Complete with its push button lock, black award case with white satin lined lid and  ivory plush fitted bottom section  Case is embossed on the top with Iron Cross outline in silver. It also comes with its cardboard issue box. Box flap has been reinforced with old clear tape. Overall a  nice example and scarce to find with the box. (Item#G2043-04-S)  
   Army Afrika Korps Breast Eagle: Unissued Bevo woven pale blue eagle on golden brown backing for use on AK and tropical tunics. (Item#G2008-02-J)  
   Army Bugle: an Imperial Japanese Army khaki painted brass bugle, 9 ½” overall length with nickel plated brass mouthpiece. Overall very good condition showing some wear top paint and a couple of shallow dents. (Item #JP011/1-2)Belt Buckle: a gilded, interlocking two-piece Police officer’s buckle with sun centerpiece and relief design on outer ring. (Item#JP015/07)Belt Buckle: a gilded, interlocking two-piece Police officer’s buckle with sun centerpiece and relief design on outer ring. (Item#JP015/07)  
   Early eagle snap .45 pistol pouch with 2 original 2 toned lanyard loop bottomed  .45 clips, “Mills 1918” stamped. On a tan khaki web belt. This rare set has been together since WW1. When it was originally found, the clips still had 1918 dated shells inside. (Item#US896/1-2)  
   M40 Police Double Decal Helmet: a Police combat helmet with “SE64” “3084” marked shell, aluminum liner suspension with heavy wire bales, leather liner with size “57” in circle, drawstring, chinstraps, Police eagle decal on left is nearly 100% intact, party shield decal on right shows scratches and a spot of paint in the middle. Surface good with spots of wear. Overall a nice example. Smooth black finish with wear mostly to top area. (Item#G2035-4-5-J)  
    Nazi Banner: a 63 x 45” single sided Nazi banner with 34” diameter white circle with integrated rope hanger fitted and carbine hooks at each upper corner. Bright colors, light age and ready to hang in your war room (Item#G2001-1-2-M)