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GERMAN TUNIC 1) Imperial Waffenrock Parade Tunic: a dark blue Prussian Infantry Tunic with red collar, cuffs and piping. Large banjo style epaulettes with applied metal “32” with company number “4” buttons. Wide gold collar Litzen with yellow piped three button Brandenburg style cuffs. Interior lined in black with cloth waist belt and buckle. Overall in very good condition with scattered minor moth damage and general wear from age. (Item #GR002/4-5)  $850.00
GERMAN JACKET  2) Kriegsmarine Sailor’s Dress Jacket: short double-breasted model blue wool jacket complete with cello embroidered yellow breast eagle, left sleeve has sewn-on blue cloth oval with gold metal signal specialist’s insignia, complete with all cuff and front buttons and chained double button top closure. Lining marked with red thread embroidered “N 74 T 33” below which is sewn the owner’s white cloth name tag “Nordhaus”. Small size 36-38. (Item #GR031/2-3) $1000.00

3)  $.00
4) Panzer/Vehicle Identification Flag: a double sided, 39x80” example with static swastikas, grommet corners. Appears unused. (Item #GR002(2)/1-2) $350.00

NEW! 5) Gas/Mine Marker Set: a gas or mine marker set with 17 complete flags with three addition stakes complete with canvas carry bag and shoulder strap (Item #P4) $400.00

NEW! 6)  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class:  Cross with silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring on an age toned medium length of ribbon. Cross shows age tarnish. (Item#G3020/03) $125.00
7) NSDAP/National Flag: a double sided, 30x100” flag, with town designation “Gmd. (Gemeinde) Niederbieber-Segendorf” professionally applied in paint along top. Sleeve at top for vertical hanging. Condition shows light fading, wear and age with a small tear to the top sleeve edge. (Item#GR003/1-2) $275.00
8) Army Afrika Korps Enlisted Overseas Cap:  red cloth lined, size 55 and maker marked “Hans Brandt Mutzenfabrik Madgeburg-P. …strasse 12-13”, with single grommet ventilation, and machine sewn eagle and cockade. Lining is also stamped “842”. Appears unworn. (Item#GR007/07) $750.00

NEW! 9)  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class: Cross with silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring on an age toned medium length of ribbon. Cross shows age tarnish. (Item #g3033/03) $125.00

NEW! 10)  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class: Cross with a dark aged toned silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring on medium length of ribbon  (Item #G3019/03)
11) Police Bayonet and Scabbard: a solid example with nickel plated eagle head pommel and cross guard, bone grip mounted with a police wreath and eagle insignia; nickel plated blade stamped “P. D. Luneschloss Solingen” and is stamped on its spine with star mark and “400”, edge of blade shows numerous small nicks; brown leather scabbard with nickel plated, unit marked “S. D. I. 130.”. Scabbard leather shows some wear some minor scuffing. (Item#GR011/2-3) $850.00

12)  $350.00
13) SA-SS Gorget with Neck Chain: This pattern was worn by both SA and SS flag bearers until the introduction of the SS gorget in 19…  This unmarked example consists of the heart shaped, nickel plated shield with brass button devices and center starburst with the NSDAP eagle and early sun-wheel style swastika along with a complete neck chain. Reverse is missing the cloth backing and has a scratched in designation “14/R ???” , possibly a unit or inventory mark. (Item#GR009/1-2) $1000.00

14) NSDAP 10 Year Long Service Cross: appears unissued but without ribbon (Item#G2022/03/S) $225.00

15) Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze: An “RS” marked  zinc wartime example with dark age toning (Item#G2026/03/S) $200.00
16) Army Officer’s Engraved Dagger:  a nice early quality officer’s dagger complete with portepee and hangers. Silvered handle fittings with yellow composition grip; fine double  engraved, unmarked blade with floral designs on both sides with eagle with outstretched wings and oak leaves in center panel on the obverse; hangers “D.R.G.M.” marked on one clip; Scabbard shows wear to silver finish. (Item#GR008/1-2) $4000.00

17) Nazi Police 8 Year Long Service Medal: An unissued silver medal on its original length of blue ribbon. Showing a age toning and tarnish from storage (Item#G2019/03/S)  $125.00
18) Medal Bar: 4 place with WW1 War Service Cross, 1914-1918 Honor Coss for Non-Combatant, gold 40 year Nazi Civil Faithful Service Cross, silver 25 year Nazi Faithful Service Cross, mounted with purple cloth backing. (Item#GR020/09) $175.00
19) Demjansk Sleeve Shield: a nice unissued example on army field grey-green wool with intact paper backing. (Item#GR021/06) $250.00
20) SS Belt Buckle: steel, unmarked, showing heavy wear with some remaining paint. (Item#GR027/08) $450.00
21) Police Belt and Buckle: silvered, pebbled unmarked buckle on a black leather belt marked “Otto Stephan Muehlhausen 1943 “. Belt may have been shortened and now shows two sets of sizing holes. (Item#GR012/-1) $175.00
22) Wehrmacht Map Case: unmarked brown leather, standard pattern with accessory pockets, adjustable belt loops with metal fittings. Showing typical wear and age. (Item#GR013/1-2) $100.00
23) Luftwaffe Enlisted Breast Eagle: standard wartime embroidered pattern, unworn. (Item#GR024/05) $55.00
24) Army Award Document and Medal Group:  to Panzer Grenadier NCO Otto Goebel, group includes Iron Cross Document to Gefreiter Goebel, dated 15. 8. 40, as part of Schuetzen Regiment (S.R.) 33, signed by Oberst Freiherr  (awarded Knight’s Cross …., commander of Paris at the time o the July 20,1944 bomb plot and oversaw the arrest of GESTAPO and SS leaders); Panzer Assault Badge Document dated 21. 9. 41, as part of  S.R. 33, signed by ;  War Service Cross 2nd Class with Swords, dated 1. 9. 43, as part of S. R. 33, signed by ; Eastern Front Medal, dated 5. 4. 44, as part of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 33, signed by Generalleutnant and Division Commander… Complete set of medals with matching ribbon bar. Part of the 4th Panzer Division, S.R. 33 was redesignated Pz. Gren. Regiment 33 in 19,, It served in Poland in 1939, France in 1940 and took part in Operation Barbarossa in 1941. As part of Army Group Center this unit participated in battles at Orel and Kursk in 1944 as well as the Kurland pocket. The division was transferred to West Prussia and surrendered to the Red Army in April 1945. (Item#GR016/1-2) $1000.00

 25) DRL Sports Association Proficiency Badge: a bronze level example with flat straight pin, marked “Wernstein Jena” and “D.R.G.M. 35289”.  Badge shows a very minimal spot of green tarnish on the upper wreath area. (Item#G2029/03/J) $75.00
26) Army Officer’s Sword: an “Alcoso Solingen” marked, lion head model, with black celluloid and triple brass wire wrapped grip, clean 34” blade, black lacquered scabbard. Overall very good condition. (Item#GR028/3-4/42) $650.00
27) Army Officer’s Sword: a “Carl Julius Krebs” marked, dove head model sword with black celluloid (with minor cracking at pommel) and single aluminum wire wrapped grip, with clean 34 1/16” nickel plated blade, and black lacquered scabbard. Overall very good condition. (Item#GR029/3-4/45) $650.00
28) WWI IMPERIAL GERMAN ARTILLERY 10.5cm 1917 SHELL: Impressive, stands just under 20” tall.  Well marked on bottom 1ith 1917 date.  Nice hard to find shell. (Item#US312/8-9) $145.00
29)  Heer EM/NCO Visor Cap: a textbook size 60 Heer EM/NCO visor cap with white piping, field grey top and dark green band with aluminum eagle and wreath/cockade device. Interior has plain sweat shield and size mark “60”. Inside of leather sweat band unit mark stamped “5./J.R.42 I” for  5th company, Infantry regiment 42 from Bayreuth (Bavaria), dated “1936” M. Stahl and maker stamped “Muenchen Landwehrstr. 45./?” A beautiful unissued cap with some very minor moth damage at a couple of spot along edge where the top meets the upper band piping. (GR041/1-2) $650.00

30.  Theodolite 41 Artillery Survey Instrument: a 1943 issued Theodolite 41 made by “cme” coded company, with padded, field green painted, wooden carry box containing instrument, booklet, complete accessories, and separate tripod. ( HEAVY WILL BE SHIPPED IN 2 BOXES) Overall instrument shows minimal use. Case has “Bromberg” painted on lid, shows wear and age, outer padding leather dry and broken, remnants of carry straps.  (Item #GR039/22-23, 14-15/40")

 31. Nazi War Merit Medal: A mounted example with dark blue  felt backing material pin  Very Good showing toning from age (Item#G2023/03/J) $75.00
32.  Iron Cross 1939: a cased Iron Cross 1st Class. Overall excellent condition. Unmarked cross with nice bright finish. Push button locked case has inner lid lined in white satin and lower fitted section lined with tan colored velvet-like material, Embossed cross outline on lid is faded.  (Item#GR040/.5) $500.00
33.  Luftwaffe Belt and Buckle: a Luftwaffe belt and buckle set with “95” size marked black leather belt and unmarked aluminum buckle with tab marked “Werner Linker 1938 Duisburg”. Set shows typical wear and age, sizing strap crackling from age, has partially broken threads. (Item#G873/-1) $150.00

35.  Luftwaffe Helmet: single decal M-40 model, liner size mark unclear. Shell marked “Q(?)64” Typical wear and age. (Item#GR036/4-5) $650.00
36.  Flight Helmet: a brown leather pilot's helmet with lining. Unmarked. Showing light age and wear. (Item#GR037/1-2) $375.00
37.    Wehrmacht Combat Y-Straps: a nice set of black leather straps marked “H. Knusch 1939”, embossed numbered strap size adjustment holes. Showing light wear. (Item#GR038/1-2) $275.00
38WWI Army Officer's Belt: an Imperial Army Officer's Brown leather belt complete with its leather loop slides, size adjustment tongue, round gilded buckle with applied crown and Imperial crown and “WII” cipher for Kaiser Wilhelm II, excellent with some wear to buckle gilding. ((Item#G801/-1) $275.00
39.  Wehrmacht Field Pack: a brown cloth canvas pack with stitched on outer black leather straps possibly for a rolled Zeltbahn, internal pocket with dish button, upper and lower set of metal hooks for Y- or other straps, cord draw string closure at top, RB# marked “0/1165/0014” on back leather. Appears unused but shows a little age. (Item#G807/1-2) $150.00
40.  Wehrmacht Equipment Pouch: a 10x5” tropical tan/khaki cloth pouch with internal pocket with dish button and strap, outer dish button and strap closure with large grommets at each end of cover with sloth tie closures. Leather loops on back, Unmarked (Item#GR029/-1) $150.00
41.  WWI Navy Officer's Belt: an Imperial Navy Officer's Parade Belt in silver bullion with black and red stripes complete with a large round gilded buckle with anchor and imperial  crown and “WII” cipher for Kaiser Wilhelm II, bullion loop slides, dark blue cloth lining, Showing dark patina and some minor damage to lining (Item#G905/1-2) $275.00
42. Police Officer Belt Buckle: A Police Officer's aluminum belt buckle marked “257/41 D.R.G.M.” Marking is located on catch assembly and seems to have partial logo or RZM mark circles at either side of numbers complete with catch keeper. (Item#G815/.3) $275.00
 43. WWI Hate Belt: a belt and buckle set with standard Prussian dark field green painted enlisted buckle and leather belt with 46 stitched on buttons of various types including Prussian crown tunic style, plain and numbered examples, and large NCO Prussian collar type, all arranged in a pattern. Overall very good. (Item#GR030/1-2) $550.00

NEW! 44.  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class: Cross with silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring on an age toned long length of ribbon. Cross shows age tarnish. (Item#G3011/03) $125.00

45. $350.00

46.  $350.00
47. GERMAN NATIONAL TRI-COLOR FLAG RED / WHITE / BLACK: Nice looking German National flag, About 4’ X 6’ great displayable size! These were used pre and early Nazi period to help build a sense of nationalism. This one was a WWII US Veteran bring back. Nice shape, has original edge ties. A hard flag to find  (Item#G845/1-2) $275.00

48.  $300.00
49. GERMAN ARMY - SS SIGNAL UNIT BLITZ FLAGVery well made heavy material with signal blitz for locating signal units in the field. Unusual piece.  Shows wear and use but great piece for your medical display!  (Item#G888/-1) $250.00
50. HITLER YOUTH (HJ) OVERSEAS HAT WITH INSIGNIA: Nice condition and not often seem HJ overseas (schiffen) “boat” style hat with red piping and original sewn HJ cloth diamond insignia to front.  Sweatband and lining show wear but intact. (Item#G883/.8) $350.00

 51.   $

52. Infantry Assault badge: a silver, unmarked issue showing typical age and wear.  (Item#G2027/03/J)$125.00
53.  Wehrpass:  an August 1940 issued document to Otto Stiel, Transport. Sich Btl. 606. Service entries include construction unit under the Allied Forces in Italy until July 1945. (Item#G324) $65.00

54. Wehrmacht Luftwaffe 12 Year Long Service Medal: An unissued example on a length of ribbon with a gilded metal LW eagle attached. Medal itself has toned to a dull bronze-like color. (G2020/03/S) $175.00
55.  Wehrpass : a Feb 1940 issued document to Helmut Otten, no service entries. Last official stamp dated April 1945. (Item#G123) $55.00
56.  Wehrpass: a late, November 1944 issued document to Hans Meyer, includes a personal blurry photo of Hitler in his open, official Mercedes driving through a town, a February 1946 Allied issued “Certificate of Discharge”. Owner entered LW service assigned to Flight Troops but later served in the navy as “Marinehelfer”. (Item#G162) $75.00

57.   $

  58.  Nazi Banner. A matching companion piece to G2001, taken by the same GI, a 63 x 45”  single sided Nazi banner with 34” diameter white circle and integrated rope hanger fitted with carbine hooks at each upper corner. Bright colors, light age. (Item#G2002-1-2-M) $250.00

59. $.00

60.   $

 61.  Sudetenland Annexation Medal: A mounted example with army steel gray cloth backing and pin . Very Good (Item#G2024/.03/J) $100.00

62.   $.00

 63.  Infantry Assault Badge: a silver stamped issue with dull toned finish from wear and age. (Item#G2028/03/S) $125.00
64. Luftwaffe Photo Album: a typical WW2 era album, 12   x 9”, with 131 photos showing an assortment of service photos of a Luftwaffe man, various styles of uniforms, some vehicles, trains, group shots in France and Russia. Some army photos and many family shots (Item#G133/1-2) $125.00

 65.  Wehrmacht Long 4 Year Service Medal: A parade mounted silver medal with black felt backing material and pin. Medal shows age tarnish. (Item#G2021/03/S) $150.00

 66.  Kriegsmarine Destroyer Badge: A wartime zinc example marked “S.H. & Co.” with upper hook and horizontal pin. Darken toned from age overall with some light speckling. (Item#G2025/03/S) $250.00

NEW! 67.  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class: Cross with silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring on an age toned short length of ribbon. Cross shows age tarnish. (Item#G3021/03)
68.  Heer Crush Cap Insignia Set: a used Heer officer's crush cap insignia set consisting of a flat silver bullion embroidered eagle and matching wreath insignia. Long removed from a crush cap and the perfect matched set for a restoration. (Item#P2) $350.00
69.  Heer Cap Insignia: an unworn Heer officer's visor cap insignia consisting of a quality bullion embroidered wreath and unattached matching bullion cockade. Set came in a box of assorted collar and shoulder insignia from an artillery officer. Unworn (Item#P3) $135.00
70.  Lufthansa German Airlines Cap Insignia: a gold bullion embroidered mid-1930's era  Lufthansa Airlines cap insignia with metal crane emblem and swastika. Worn but excellent-. Rare. (Item#P4) $950.00
71.  Unfinished SA Badges for War wounded: Set of 2 zinc unfinished badges in different stages of production, taken from factory, both badges marked  RZM M1/100 (Werner Redo, Saarlautern)  (Item#P5) $225.00

NEW! 72.   German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class: Cross with silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring . Cross shows age tarnish..No ribbon. (Item#G3026/03)
73.   as/Mine Marker Set: a gas or mine marker set with 17 complete flags with three addition stakes complete with canvas carry bag and shoulder strap (Item#P7) $400.00
74.  SA Sturmfahne: very early and rare Gausturm era Sturmfahne from Sturm 15, Standarte 4 of Gausturm Pfalz-Saar with black corner patch with blue chain-stitched unit designation and yellow cord piping.  Flag's edge trim is a patterned Litze.  Unit was based in Rockenhausen (Pfalz). Flag still has its mounting clips along hoist. Gausturm unit patches sometimes appear as tradition patches on later flags but original, unaltered and complete Gausturm flags are extremely rare. (Item#P8) $3500.00

NEW! 75.  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class: Cross with silver frame, black painted iron planchet with ring on an age toned medium length of ribbon. Cross shows age tarnish. (Itme#G3037/03) $125.00

NEW! 76.  German 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class with Envelope: an nice Iron Cross with ribbon with a small blue paper envelope marked “Eisenes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1939: “Reverse stamped in an oval “Josef Feix Soehne Gablonz a.d. N.. " (Item#G3014/03) $135.00

77. GERMAN ARMY DAK DEUTSCHE AFRIKIA KORPS UNIFORM TROPICAL RANK CHEVRON :  This is a very nice original WW2 DAK chevron. Unissued. This was just acquired from the estate of a US Army 91st division veteran who probably acquired it in Italy. (Item#01-169) $125.00
78. GERMAN ARMY ALUMINUM BELT BUCKLE : This is a very nice original WW2german belt buckle. Show remains of tropical OD paint on reverse.  One of two that we just acquired from the estate of a US Army 91st division veteran who probably acquired it in Italy. (Item #01-201) $85.00

NEW! 79.  Army M35 Double Decal Helmet: This M35 helmet has a nice eagle decal  on the left showing a bit of wear and a scratched off tri-color shield. Helmet shell is maker and sized stamped “Q64” on the skirt inner left side and lot number “742” at the back. Leather liner seems to be a later replacement with size stamp “57”. (Item#G3025/4-5) $1250.00

NEW! 80.  $
81. WWII GERMAN ARMY – SS GENERAL ASSAULT BADGE GAB :   This is a very nice original WW2 General Assault badge. Hollow back, has nice remains of finish, and you can still see one spot of the mirror hi polish.  Catch is bent in, and I am leaving it that way.   This was found with the KVK I also listed pinned on the scrapbook of a WW2 US Anti-Aircraft soldiers photo album! (Item#01-566/.05) $150.00

 This is a very nice original WW2 KVK I with a Screw back! L/13 maker code I think. has nice remains of finish, hard to find ins screwback!  This was found with the GAB also listed pinned on the scrapbook of a WW2 US Anti-Aircraft soldiers photo album! (Item#01-238)
 83. German Bronze Panzer Assault Badge: A nice, semi-solid Bronze Tank Assault Badge by maker “Adolf Schwerdt , Stuttgart”. Triangle logo in relief with “A.S.” under pin hinge assembly. A beautiful early example. (Item#G2013/03/S)
 84. 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class in Case: a classic Iron Cross 1st class, unmarked with nice black core finish with center relief swastika and 1939 date, tarnished frame and back with tapering flat pin. Complete with its black, push button lock award case with white satin lined lid and  ivory plush fitted bottom section  Case is embossed on the top with Iron Cross outline in silver. Overall a very nice example. (Item#G2017-05-J) $500.00

 NEW ! 85.  Army single decal Helmet: an M40 helmet with heavily worn single decal, “ET66” size marked shell and lot number “226” in back inner skirt, liner with drawstring. Overall solid. (G3031/4-5) $650.00
 86. Gold Bullion Visor Cap Cord. A twisted style heavy gold bullion officer's cap cord. About 13” overall length showing age tarnish from wear and age but no damage. (Item#G2014-03-S) $150.00
 87.  Nazi Flag: 15   x 21 1/2” cotton flag with 7 1/4” center circle with printed swastika. Very good colors showing typical wear and age. Probably the type usually mounted on a dowel for parades or patriotic displays. (Item#G2038-04-M) $100.00
 88.  German Cross in Gold on Black Cloth: a very rare German Cross in Gold for Panzer troops with silver bullion outlined black cloth swastika, gilded metal “1941” dated wreath surrounded in fine red cord on an embroidered gray thread and silver bullion highlighted star burst, all mounted on a black cloth background. . Award shows damage and some thread discoloration as well as tarnish to the metal wreath on its left side. (Item#G2012-02-S) $500.00

 89.   $.00
 90.  Army NCO Breast Eagle:silver flat Bevo on dark green woven eagle with folded over backing material, removed from tunic (Item#G2007-2-J) $75.00
 91. Army Afrika Korps Cap Eagle: Unissued, Bevo woven pale blue eagle on golden brown backing for use on AK and tropical overseas and field caps. (Item#G2009-2-J) $75.00

 NEW ! 92.  Heer Belt and Buckle: a complete Army belt and buckle set with dark green finished buckle with tab marked “Aurich Dresden 1941” mounted on its black leather belt. Overall very good condition showing typical age and wear to both belt and buckle. (Item#G3035/1-2)
93.  Hitler Youth Armband: A multiple-piece construction, standard cotton type HJ armband showing light wear and age. (Item#G2006-02-J) $100.00

NEW! 94.
 95.  Afrikakorps Sleeveband Unissued full 16” length Bevo woven. (Item#G2005-02-J) SOLD
 96. Afrika Cuff Title: An unissued example about 15” full length in light brown camel hair material with silver piping and embroidered “Afrika” and palm trees. (Item#G2003-02-S) SOLD
 97. Afriakkorps Sleeveband: Unissued, full 16” length Bevo woven. (Item#G2004-02-S)300.00

 98.  $

 99.  Nazi era Cigarettes: Two packs of Echt Orient cigarettes 3 x 2 3/4” . Both packs a crushed but intact with complete contents. (Item#G2041-06-J) $25.00
100. M40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet: a well worn LW combat helmet with “ET66” “1338” marked shell, aluminum liner suspension with heavy wire bales, leather liner with size “58” in circle stamp, drawstring, broken straps but parts both sides including buckle present, single LW eagle decal is about 60% intact. The helmet front visor inside was apparently named but has been whited out. Overall a nice example with wear. (Item #G2033-4-5-S) $650.00
101. Nazi Parteitag Grossdeutschlands Stereo Cards and Viewer. A set of 15 black and white stereo cards showing scenes from the 1938 Party Day rally “Grossdeutschland” along with a collapsible metal card viewer. Very good condition. Viewer shows a little paint flaking and its folding strut assembly is missing a small pin to hold it to one side of viewer.  (Item#G2015-015-S) $100.00
 102.  M35 Army Double Decal Helmet: a really nice combat reissue M35 helmet with “ET64” and “4063” marked shell, aluminum liner rivets and suspension with rectangular strap bales, complete leather liner with drawstring, chinstraps, and nice single Army decal on the left side with a couple of small red specks of the tri-color shield visible on the right. Painted combat finish shows brush strokes and spots of tan camo. A true combat example full of character, recovered in Italy. (Item#G2030-4-5-J) $1800.00
 103. M40 Helmet: a combat camo M40 helmet with unclear shell size stamp over “DN507” stamped on rear of skirt, aluminum liner suspension with heavy wire bales,  leather liner with size stamp “58” in circle  and double named “Olav V. Hallingstad” and “Fr. Kullas”, chinstraps. Period refinished in a dark tan/khaki showing lots of wear. (Item#g2032-4-5-J) $1500.00

 NEW! 104. German Airlines Cap Insignia: a gold bullion embroidered mid-1930's era  Lufthansa Airlines cap insignia with metal crane emblem and swastika. Worn but excellent-. Rare. (Item#P3) $950.00
105. M40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet: a worn LW combat helmet with “Q64” “D197N” marked shell, aluminum liner suspension with heavy wire bales, leather liner, drawstring, broken straps but remnants attached on both sides with rest tucked in liner including buckle, single  dark LW eagle decal is about 90% intact but showing wear. Surface good with spots of wear. Overall a nice example. (Item#G2034-4-5-S)$650.00
106. M40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet: a clean combat M40 helmet with “ET64” and “514” marked shell, aluminum liner suspension with heavy wire bales, complete pigskin liner with illegible size stamp in circle, drawstring, “OW 44” marked chinstraps, single dark Luftwaffe eagle decal on the left side. Nice complete LW combat helmet. (Item#G2031-4-5-S) $750.00
 NEW! 107.  Army Double Decal Transition Helmet: a pea green painted Austrian model 16 helmet with double decals, eagle on left shows a bit of wear and tri-color shield on right is scratched off.  Leather liner size stamped “58” in circle. Leather has a rectangular hole about 2/3” long and 1/4” wide. Worn leather chinstrap dated “1939”  with unclear maker mark is affixed to the helmet's original chinstrap bales. (Item#G3029/4-5)

108. $250.00
 109. Nazi Flag: an 33 x 44”  flag with 13 1/2” center white circle displaying an unusually shaped applied swastika. It is from a 4th division US veteran's estate. This flag may be an early Kampfzeit era home or tailor made,piece  perhaps even foreign made in a  German occupied territory. Overall showing wear and age with some minor stains, holes and a tear along the edge. (Item#G2036-012-J) $350.00

NEW! 110.   German Police Double Decal Helmet: a rare lightweight early pattern Police double decal helmet with pea green finish, outlined national emblem on right side and and police eagle shield on the left. Both decals show wear and scuffing but 90% intact. Leather liner marked has its original draw string with owner's initials “HM” has four cork cushion pads that also support the suspension rivet. One pad is damaged and the rivet is loose but present. Inside skirt stamped “Edelstahl”. Model 27 strap clip is still hooked onto the wire strap bale on the left side but the rest of the strap and right side bale are missing. Overall very good, sound condition showing a bit of age and wear. (Item #G3013/4-5) $1500.00

 NEW! 111.   $.00

NEW!  $350.00


NEW! 114.   $.00
Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.NEW! 115.  NSF Nazi Flag: NS-Frauenschaft vertical wall banner, approximately 31 x 50", with an applied, multi-piece, hand-stitched and embroidered NSF emblem. The banner is marked in ink on the upper back corner “.  indicating the location of the NSF unit. (Item #P5) $375.00
Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.NEW! 116.  SF Nazi Banner: a large vertical  Reichsleitung NS-Frauenschaft wall banner, approximately 54 x 120”, double-sided with an applied painted NSF emblem edged in orange-yellow indicating Reichs level administrtion. Snap and rope at top for hanging. (Item#P6) $850.00
NEW! 117.  SA Nazi Flag: an SA-Group Westphalia Sturmfahne for Reserve Sturm 21 of Standarte 55 (Detmold) with tilted swastika. Wine red corner patch piped in silver cord with script “R” and unit designation in white chain stitching. This example is with complete silver fringe as well as an extra and very unusual touch, a ring of silver Litzen around the white circle. Missing rings, showing age and wear (Item#P7) $1550.00
NEW! 118. Weimar era Flag: Reichsbanner Pennant:  a scarce multi-piece construction Reichsbanner Schwarz=Rot=Gold pennant from Ortsgruppe Wiesloch (Baden-Wuerttemberg), approximately 21x37”. Double-sided with chain stitched lettering and eagle design, circa 1920. Flags of any Nazi groups are rare as most were destroyed after the Nazi seizure of power. Shows some age and wear. (Item#P8) $400.00
NEW! 119.  SA Wall Banner: a multipiece construction, 44x44" including 2" yelow fringe with hanging loops. Flag is in the staff pattern design with applied SA style eagle as well as swastikas in each corner.  This could well be intended for a staff level office. A striking wall banner (Item#P9) $1200.00
NEW! 120. Nazi Veterans Flag: an early Veteran’s Organization Flag 39x56"  printed on typical wool flag material with cloth loops for hanging. The corner canton is in black, white, and red  colors emulating the earlier period Kriegsflagge pattern. The static swastika also places this flag in the “Kampfzeit” era before the Nazi seizure of power. The X pattern black and white cross is a reference to the Iron Cross ribbon. The new black, white and red Reichskriegsflagge was re-introduced in 1933 and later replaced by the familiar Wehrmacht pattern. (Item#P10) $850.00
NEW! 121. Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) Gorget: a nickel plated, "DH" marked RLB gorget (2nd type) with complete neck chain. Excellent condition (this came back with the same veteran as an RLB Weinheim flag pair to be listed soon) (Item#P11) $3000.00
NEW! 122. Reichsluftschutzbund (RLB) Pole Top: "ges. gesch" marked aluminum RLB pole top. Excellent condition (this came back with the same veteran as an RLB Weinheim flag pair to be listed soon)  (Item#P12)$1500.00
NEW! 123.  RZM Flag Ring Set: a set of 5 aluminum flag rings in used condition with matching RZM marks. “M3/40/37”. Three have double holes for screws. (Item#P13) SOLD
NEW! 124. NSDAP Political Leader's brown shirt: a classic brown shirt for a Kreis level NSDAP political leader Ortsleiter with a cool RZM tag.  Blue piped collar and brown collar tabs with swastika woven Litzen. Size and RZM ink stamped. Nice shirt showing typical wear and age (Item#P14) $650.00
Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.NEW! 125. Legion Condor Photo Album Set:  four photo albums belonging to LW Oberleutnant Erich Schlecht, a pilot in Kampfgruppe 88.  ticket and voyage program, maps, menus, and other papers Albums contain hundreds of photos in Spain and early war campaigns (Item#P15) $3500.00
NEW! 126. Rail Police Visor Cap: A Bahnschutzpolizei high ranking officer's visor cap in blue gray wool, aluminum eagle and bullion embroidered wreath and silver bullion chin cords. Black velvet band. Interior lined in blue gray cotton with sweat shield maker marked “Clemens Wagner Braunschweig” Blue gray sweatband deeply embossed with circular “CW” logo and “wirlklich Stirn- und Schlaeferdruckfrei D.R.P u. D.R.G.M.” for “really forehead and temple pressure free. Patented and Registered” Overall a handsome cap with some wear on crown edges. Band support cardboard is weak from age stress and wear. Approximate size 57. (Item#P16)$1600.00
NEW! 127. Army Enlisted Breast Eagle: an unissued late war printed army breast eagle on uncut backing. Unused but shows residue from glue on back from being pasted in a photo album. (Item#P17)$185.00
NEW! 128. Luftwaffe Winter Cap: a white leather, rabbit fur lined winter field cap with original applied Luftwaffe eagle and cockade, size tag marked “58” on one side and RB# on the other. Overall showing light wear (Item#P18)$425.00
NEW! 129. RAD Field Cap: an officer's M43 style cap with bullion RAD insignia and silver piping around crown. Side flap has the Tradition Emblem for the RAD XXVII Baden Karlsruhe Black Forest region. Inked stamp “Almi Uniform- und Muetzenfabrik Koblenz 58 1.43” Owner or maker put a cardboard stiffener into the inside give rigidity to the front. Excellent condition (Item#P19) $1100.00
NEW! 130. Nazi Customs Postcard Set: a set of 6 Zoll service postcards showing various scenes of customs officials. Reverse shows number from set. Unused (Item#P20)$65.00
NEW! 131.  NSKK Coffee Can Cap; a scarce NSKK Leader's Cap with silver embroidered insignia and NSKK button, leather chin strap, silver piping and black band. RZM tag under sweat band with maker number “1073” for Pekuro. Interior shows various Polish film company costume inventory stamps and size mark “58” Sweat band shows tears. Overall a very nice example but with an extended postwar history. (Item#P21) $1100.00
NEW! 132. Spike Helmet: Zittau (Saxony) Police Pickelhaube with red & white city colors cockades on both sides. It's a fine condition piece, size 55. (Item#P22) $950.00
NEW! 133. Stationery: a very rare grouping of 4 envelopes (2 sizes) with 2 blank reception invitations from the General Governor Reichsminister Dr. Hans Frank. All pieces embossed with state eagle and swastika. The invitations are for receptions at the (Wawel) castle General Government headquarters in Cracow and Belvedere Palace in Warsaw. Frank was executed as a war criminal after WWII. (Item#P23) $350.00
NEW! 134. WWI Iron Cross Document: a rare WWI Iron Cross 2nd Class Document of Award to Gefreiter Walter Engelke of the “Deutsche Alpenkorps”, the German Alpine Corps, on August 14, 1917. Large format document with mountain combat scene, folded, ink inscriptions faded but legible, (Item#P24)$350.00
NEW! 135. Luftwaffe Musician Set: Luftwaffe drummer's  a large aluminum hanger with LW eagle and oak leaves, maker marked, with brown leather belt loop and brown leather drumstick frog marked to a Flak Regiment and maker “I./Flak Regt 32 Otto Kobersee Landsberg 1937” as shown. (Item#P25) $525.00
NEW! 136. Kriegsmarine Shirt: white pullover enlisted man's blouse with specialist insignia, missing eagle. Worn very good condition (Item#P26) $265.00
NEW! 137. Heer Afrika Korps Shorts: A nice pair of Army Afrika Korps shorts with integrated web adjustment belt and buckle. Inside waist band is well marked with issue depot stamp “B42” and sizes, in used excellent condition (Item#P27) $375.00

NEW! 138. Heer Officer’s Tunic: A complete, all original tunic for a Lieutenant in a Signal unit. Button on style shoulder boards with numeral “9” and yellow underlay are stitched in place. Iron Cross 2nd Class and Russian Front Medal ribbons in button hole. Shadow of a sleeve shield on upper left sleeve. The unit Nachrichten Abteilung 9  was part of 9th Infantry Division that served in Kuban bridgehead so presumably a Kuban shield was once worn on this tunic. (Item#P28) SOLD

NEW! 139. Heer Infantry Waffenrock, named on the tailor's tag inside skirt vent pocket to an Unteroffizier Danninger from Linz and dated December 27, 1938, just two months after the Anschluss. Here's an account of 45. Division of which Infantry Regiment 133 was a part. The 133. Inf Rgt is mentioned in the battle report of La Malmaison for crossing of the Aisne river on June 9th, 1940. See

"The first shock troops of 133.Infanterie-Regiment, led by Leutnants Wolfinger and Schweitzer, reached the south shore during the crossing despite heavy losses, but met heavy enemy defense there, that wiped them out almost completely as they stormed forward. Lt.Schweitzer died of a shot in the abdomen."

Shoulder straps show promotions with the Unteroffizier rank's embroidered “133” covered with metal numerals according to regulations for the higher NCO ranks. It has loops for one badge (probably Infantry Assault Badge) and the Iron Cross 2nd class ribbon in the button hole. It appears a ribbon bar was pinned onto the tunic as well. 
NEW! 140. WWI Officer’s Field Belt: a nice complete, and barely worn officer's brown pebbled leather field belt with round brown painted buckle with applied crown and “WII” cipher. Based on the quality, it would probably be a mid-war production (Item#P30) $600.00
Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.NEW! 141. WWI Officer’s Sword: A Guard pattern lionhead sword  with black finished scabbard. Engraved blade inscription reads “I/l. Corps u. Freundschaftscorpsbruder Willy Zieler zur Erg. A. d. Weidersehen nach Rueckkehr aus russischer Gefangenschaft am Fuenfer-Abend in Berlin am 7.6.18 i. aller Freundschaft gew.” or “To our dear Corps and Fraternity brother Willy Zieler in memory of the reunion after returning from Russian prisoner of war camp at the Evening of the 5 in Berlin on the seventh of June 1918, dedicated with all friendship”  (Item#P31) $1200.00
NEW! 142.   DLV Buckle: tab is dated 1935 with a Hamburg maker and has a "I" above the unit "2./Fl. R. 13" based on research, the unit was formed in 1935 in Wurzen. (Item#P32) $250.00