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dog tag buttonWE CAN MAKE CUSTOM US STYLE DOG TAGS on our original 1937 "Address-o-graph Machine !$10.00 / PAIR
navy hat 1. WWII Navy Officer’s Visor Cap: complete cap with gold chin strap, gold Navy cap buttons, and officer’s insignia with silver plated eagle and gilded crossed anchors, sweat guard in crown marked “Bancroft Military Caps” with logo, remains of gold printed Bancroft and Patent marks on sweatband, relaxed white top toned to ivory, some loss of visor stitched on edging. (Item #US009) $150.00
navy hat 2. WWII Navy Midshipman’s Visor Cap: a complete cap with narrow gold chin strap, gold Navy side buttons, gilded anchor insigna and white removable top, size tag “7 1/8” on rear of sweatband. Overall showing wear and age, sweatband with partially broken stitching, some fraying to back seam area of black cap band. (item#US010) $75.00
hat 3. WWI Officer’s Visor Cap: Complete brown wool, double ventilated cap with dark brown toned metal officer’s eagle insignia, side buttons and adjustable brown leather chin strap, “Marshall Field & Company Chicago” stamped on crown lining with hand written name “Egeland”. Cap shows wear and age with some moth damage along edge of crown, lower edge of band and at the lower crown area above the band at the back as well as some separation of the interior lining. A good displayable example.  (Item # US005) $250.00
hat 4. WWII Army Officer’s Hat: A classic chocolate brown tailored light wool cap with gilded officer’s pattern eagle and side buttons, leather adjustable chin strap and “Zubik’s Uniform Tailor Shop College Station, Texas” marked oval sweat shield on the inside silk lining. Size approximately 7 . Overall a handsome cap in  excellent condition with no damage . (Item #US008) $150.00
5. WWII Carrier/Submarine Grouping: Hornet. A collection of medals, badges, and insignia with expensive photocopied research belonging to Anderson (Iitem #us012/-1) $500.00

7. WWI Combat Boots: a rare pair of leather, lace-up, low combat boots with brass eyelets, leather laces, round hobnailed soles, square hobnailed heels and plain nickel plated iron stirrups. Overall showing age and wear but intact and solid. (item #us007/5-6) $650.00
8. WWI Gas Mask: A complete WWI style canvas gasmask with cloth head straps, air hose, attached instruction card, and yellow painted filter in its original canvas carry bag. Bag flap marked “Wide” with serial number. Mask is dry but overall a collectable example of this classic Doughboy accessory. (Item #US014/4-5) $75.00
9. WWI Knuckle Knife:, a complete classic pattern fighting knife with steel fitted handle with wooden grip, inside hand guard marked ”A.C. Co. USA 1917”,  blued, triangular spike blade showing some wear to finish,  khaki painted leather scabbard with metal throat piece with integrated belt suspension loop and foot both “M.S.” inspector marked. One rivet missing from foot piece. Overall very good. (Item #US015/2-3) $675.00
10. Mountain Snow Goggles: A pair of issue khaki cloth winter goggles with cloth adjustable head bands, green tinted eye pieces trimmed in wool complete with a leather carry pouch with snap closure. Appear unused. (Item #US004/-1) $65.00
11. Indian Wars Belt Buckle: a large size, ‘ dark brown leather belt with stamped gilded brass eagle pattern buckle with silvered wreath, scroll and stars and brass wire loop catch.  Overall belt is supple and solid. Buckle shows wear with belt end slight compressed inward perhaps intentionally to hold leather in place. Buckle original Belt seems to be a later addition. (Item#US002/1-2) $175.00

NEW! 12. KOREAN WAR ERA US MARINE CORPS CAMO COVERED HELMET: Camo Cover with EGA, Front seam swivel bail with nice paint but missing a strap  Siemens marked liner is a bit ratty and may have been home to a furry creature or two.  (Item #861/4-5)

13.   USMC M1955 Body Armor: a scarce Vietnam era Medium size vest with large tag on the inside.  Back of vest with soldier's inscription  “Fat Frenchy”in large red  letters outlined in white.  All armor plates present. Very good condition overall showing some wear

14. WWII 79th Division Grouping: unnamed . (Item#US011/1-2) $200.00
15. Spanish American War Patriotic Plaque: A large, 13 x 17” oval wooden plaque with burned in portrait of a woman in a Rough Rider style hat with “USA” and tunic. Condition shows some minor hairline cracks to the patterned surface. (Item#US013/1-2) $250.00


18. 1909 GAR Lincoln Medal: A beautiful toned bronze 3” diameter table medal from the centennial celebration of Lincoln's birth. Designed by artist J.D. Roine, the medal's obverse shows Lincoln in profile with motto “With Malice Towards None With Charity For All” and dates “1809 1909” Reverse bears dedication “This Medal was struck for the Grand Army of he Republic in Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln Diameter. Lower edge of obverse marked “Copyright Davison's Sons Phila” (Item#A2002-09-M) $100.00
19. WWI US Naval Officer Sword to Navy Cross recipeint : A rare 1850 Navy model presentation sword, 35 3/4” overall. Brass fitted handle with rayskin and  single wire wrapped grip; double engraved floral and Naval motif nickel plated 30” blade with maker or distributor “Geo. Evans & Co Phila PA” on ricasso and dedication “Presented to O. J. Gullickson by the Deck Force USS Nevada”. Gullickson, a chief boatswain's mate,  received the Navy Cross for his gallantry under fire. Overall in very good- condition showing wear to handle gilding and heavy wear blade plating. (Item#US019/2-3)
20.  Confederate Artillery Sword: a classic pattern, Artillery short sword, 25” over all, cast brass handle with ribbed grip, 19” double edged blade, stamped “3” on ricasso, with deep single fuller,  overall showing heavy wear, blade with old sharpening and dings to edge.  (Item#US020/2-3)
21.  US WWII US Railroad Tanker Car Plate: a  3” diameter heavy brass disk embossed “CHEMICAL WARFARE SERVICE  Serial No. D-22324 Test 4-42 U.S.A.” with four holes for attachment. Shows wear, tarnish and age. (Item#A20001-04-M) $100.00
NEW! 22. WWII US ARMY FRONT SEAM SWIVEL BAIL HELMET WITH CAPAC LINER: Nice looking helmet with CAPAC liner. Chinstraps with early brass hardware.  Remnant of “follow me” stripe on back.  (Item #832/4-5)
 23. WWII Survival Knife: a collapsing blade  model machete style knife, 15 1/2” overall, 11 1/4” folded, with black composite riveted grip, edge protector cover, lanyard loop, blade marked “Cattaraugus U.S. A.”, overall very good condition showing age and wear. (Item#US021/1-2)
NEW! 24.   WWII US ARMY PARATROOPER M1C JUMP HELMET & LINER: Rear seam swivel bail late war Paratrooper helmet with a original Westinghouse Paratrooper Liner with the proper buckles. Sadly at some point the whole inside liner seems to have been spray painted silver (VFW use?) but most has worn off of the straps and webbing. Still it is what it is. AAF or navy talker chin up, but still works for display. Good real example, with a just a few condition issues that would clean up more if desired, but hey its cheap enough! (Item #831/4-5)
 25.  US WW2 M-1943 Field Jacket:: A classic four pocket combat jacket with waist drawstring, “Kravitz Clothing Co.” contract tag sewn in lower pocket dated November 1943 and size marked “36R”. Interior upper back area stenciled “L4978” and hand written “H1359” on lining. Multiple wear holes and neck grim to collar fold, missing one front button.. Overall very good. (Item#A2005/946-3-4-S) $85.00
  26.  US Army WW2 M43 Combat Pants: a classic pair of M43 issue US combat pants, marked in waist band but unclear except waist size stamp “34”, 28” inseam, complete with all buttons. Rarely encountered in any condition these appear unworn. (Item#A2007-2-3-S) $225.00 
  27.  US WW2 M-1943 Field Jacket:: A classic 4-pocket combat jacket with waist drawstring. There is a contract tag sewn in lower pocket but completely washed out. Another tag, sewn into the upper back lining,  has “Jacket, Field, M-1943” with instructions for wear   Complete with all buttons, Overall worn but excellent. (Item#A2006-3-4-S) $85.00 
  28.  US WW2 era 4-pocket Wisconsin State Guard Service Jacket: A wool khaki 4-pocket tunic issued to the Wisconsin State Guard with full set of gilded buttons with relief seal of the State of Wisconsin, woven red white and blue “Wisconsin  S.G. “ patch showing the Wisconsin badger on upper left sleeve. Interior stamped size “42R” on upper back lining below collar. Overall clean and sharp with one small pin hole to mid-left sleeve. (Item#A2008-3-4-J) $85.00 
    29.  ORIGINAL WWII US AIRPLANE WING SKIN FROM F6F3 HELLCAT: This is a fantastic find!  A larger piece of aircraft aluminum wing panel from a WWII F6F3 Hellcat fighre plane. This plane had crashed in Lake Michigan in WWII.  The fighter plane had a storied combat history before it was used to train pilots on carrier landings in WWII.  Recovered from 250 of icy cold water several years ago, the plane itself has been fully restored and is now on exhibit in the Pearl Harbor museum. The wing panel shows age & typical mottled underwater wear, but still retains part of its US “Star” emblem as well as the legend “Ammunition Box Door” stenciled on.  The piece measures approx 16.25 “ x 45” this historic item would be the centerpiece for any WWII aviation display. (Item #A2046-5-6-J)) $4500.00 
NEW! 30.  
   NEW! 32.  
WWII US ARMY FRONT SEAM FIXED BAIL HELMET WITH MSA LINER: Nice looking helmet with black painted Mine Safety Appliance liner. Slightly mismatched color chinstraps with early brass hardware.  Helmet was repainted a at some point in its life, maybe when it got the other strap. (Item #800/4-5)
Nice looking later helmet. (Item#825/4-5)
Nice pair of USMC marked 1944 dated 7x50 binocs with bright optics.  No strap, no case but still a nice pair!   (Item #803/4-5)
Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.
 NEW! 35.   US Officer’s Sword: 1840's US Officer's Sword with “Horstmann Sons & Drucker” on one side of the ricaso and “New York” markings on other. c 1844-50. Steel scabbard and mirror finished triple engraved blade, (Item#P54)

Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.   NEW! 36 .   US M1 Helmet: a US M1 Fixed Bale Helmet with fixed strap bale and tan khaki straps with fittings. Some dents to top, inside numbered as shown. *Item#P55) $185.00 
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 37.    US Cutter Revenue Flag: 30x50" US Cutter Revenue Service Flag, 1895-1915 era. The emblem is applied with zigzag machine stitching. Marked “Copeland Washington” on hoist. According to research this company produced a number of naval and USCRS flags in 1905. This example may be part of that government contract. (ItemP56) $1650.00 
Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.   NEW 38.    US Flag: 24x36", 42 star silk flag c. 1890's.  Unused condition in the original box in which it has been stored for the last century or so. (Item#P57) $225.00 
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 39.    US Army Unit Flag: an early post WW2 pattern,  rusk colored silk and embroidered regimental flag  for 3rd Quartermaster with blue fringe. Showing expected wear and age with some water staining but no damage. (Item#58) $750.00 
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 40.    US General’s Overcoat: a Major General's overcoat, named on tag inside pocket to “Charles C.Haffner, size 42” Unmarked pin-on metal shoulder stars. One area on sleeve shows insect damage track above black cuff braid (Item#P59) $850.00 
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 41.   US General’s Rank Plate: a red painted steel plate with screw mounted two stars for Major General. Shows wear and age (Item#P60) $525.00 
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 42.    WW2 Pilot's Grouping: Lt. Robert Duffield, a P-40 pilot with 85th Fighter Squadron, 79th Fighter Group. The framed array of items shows off his career with his medals and assorted insignia. There is also a monogrammed jewelry box that contains other odds and ends - his dog tags, early Amico marked shirt-size wings, documents, and a bit of "ack ack" shrapnel. Mounted and framed items as acquired from Duffield's estate.

Duffield flew in North Africa and Italy. He is credited with two kills, an ME 109 in Jan. '44 and an FW-190 in Feb. '44. Duffield was shot down by ground fire in March '44 while on his third pass during a strafing run against a column of German tanks, trucks, and troops. He bailed out and landed hard but was soon found by British troops. As a result he managed to get into the Caterpillar Club and earned the Winged Boot as well. His exploits are well documented: and in an article here: He even mentions holding on to his rip cord grip that is included with the grouping.

And, there's more! His P-40 is still flying. Well, a restored P-40 found in the Pacific and painted in his aircraft's colors. of the Fighter Collection, it now flies at air shows in England and Europe. (Item#P61)
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 43.    US Helmet Liner: a standard helmet liner painted white with side shield emblems for the Christian Service Brigade formation founded in 1937. Organization is a boy scout type group. Helmet was probably used for parades or color guard. (Item#62) $85.00 
 Sorry, Picture To Be Posted Soon. Thank you for your patience.  NEW 44.   Fire Helmet: a Cairns leather fire helmet from Naval Air Station New York. It has two of the back panels painted green.  Leather front piece with fire company designation “NASNY” and  “8 “ for the vehicle number. (Item#P63) $400.00 



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