About Us

The MILITARY COLLECTIBLES SHOP is run by military collectors Jerry and Mark. We started our shop in 2001 after our good friend and mentor Bill "Scotty" Scott closed the doors of his relics shop in Milwaukee. After 18 years we have recently moved our shop to a much bigger, better location just 6 blocks West. The NEW shop is located at 9707 West Greenfield Avenue in West Allis, WI 53214 (414) 727-1190.  Feel free to call us with any questions that you may have.

We stock a wide variety of ever changing military items from the U.S. Civil War through the current desert conflicts. We also keep a wide array of U.S. Divisional Patches, Medals, and Insignia available for collectors and Veterans that are looking for "Original" period items. Feel free to call us (414) 727-1190 or E-MAIL info@militarycollectorsHQ.com us with your needs.

Most of the "smaller stuff” might not ever make it to the web site, but please call or e-mail if you need a certain patch, a set of collar brass, or a few buttons or ribbon bars. There is no such thing as too small of an order! We pride ourselves on helping people get what they need!


Jerry and Mark have been running the Military Collectibles Shop since 2001.

Jerry is the smart partner. Jerry has been collecting military items since he was 9 years old when he first discovered an attic box of U.S. divisional patches leftover from his grandfather's collecting days. Jerry now focuses mainly on WWII European theatre items. In the U.S. realm Jerry collects Airborne, Tanker, Tank Destroyer, Mountain troops, Army Air Corps, Ranger, and anything Normandy related. He also has a soft spot for military unit flags and unit painted US helmets. Jerry also has an extensive U.S. woman's military & home front uniform and insignia collection that he has displayed on several occasions.  In German items he has interest in early Kampfzeit items and elite combat helmets, uniforms & insignia. He also has as a growing interest in WWI German Aviation. Jerry is a published author, with several articles on military topics to his credit. He is currently writing a series of books on the home front flags of WWI & WWII with the first volume dedicated to the blue star service flags recently published by Elm Grove Publishing in Texas.  Jerry has recently displayed part of his own flag collection and other artifacts in the Wadsworth library for the 150th anniversary of the Historic Milwaukee Veteran’s Administration Home.  Jerry also actively collects the Vocational school fighting knives made in Wisconsin and is working on researching them further. Jerry also serves as a Moderator on the U.S. Military and German daggers forums. Jerry has been selling since 1997 on e-bay as "Mr.Jerry" take a look at our current listings HERE.  Jerry is also a CAGA Certified Perosnal Property Appraiser.

Mark is the good looking partner. He also sometimes wears a pirate hat and says things like "Arghh". Mark's father was a Sergeant Major in the Wisconsin National Guard which sparked Mark’s interest in collecting military items. Mark started building military models and collecting U.S. Military unit patches in the 1960's. He became interested in German items and bought his first Iron Cross when he was 13 years old. Over the many-many-many years Mark has been on this planet, he has collected a wide variety of U.S., German, Italian, and Japanese WWII militaria. His own collection includes patches, pins, medals, flags, field gear, firearms and edged weapons. He has since sold off most of his firearms and is now focusing on collecting a wide range of German award badges and medals. Mark also seems to like overcoats...and cannon, which is plural...and heavy...

Shari is Jerry’s wonderful wife and does most of the heavy lifting (besides the cannon). Putting in far more hours than either Mark or Jerry, Shari takes care of all of the on-line and ebay sales, communications, packing and shipping as well as keeping track of the financial comings and goings that Jerry and Mark keep screwing up. 

Rick helps us out with cleaning and organizing the shop, as he says Jerry and Mark “are worse than 3rd graders” when it comes to keeping things clean and tidy. Rick has recently expanded his duties at the shop to include customer service and is a welcome addition to our team.

Paul travels with us and sets up with us at shows and helps us to identify really oddball things and translates German and Japanese swords for us. We keep him around to help give us some class.

Tom is a great resource for us on early American militaria and a fellow flag enthusiast.

Ralph is the official shop greeter.

Mr. Smith helps us with research.

Many of our other friends that help us out as needed!

SATURDAY 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Personal appointments and other hours may be available. Call for details.